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About the Show: 

A century of the most popular songs ever composed, performed by the world’s greatest orchestras, in an easy listening style.  This is Tea Time With Teen Day. Tea Time With Teen Day wants our listeners to “Experience Tradition Again” when friends and family gathered together over tea.  It originally began in the United Kingdom in 1840. The tradition of afternoon tea soon became popular worldwide.  Visit, High Tea to read more about the origin of Tea Time. 

“Experience Tradition Again” with your hosts, Teen Day Team Members Clare and Max Donovan,

as they bring you an hour of Beautiful Music to compliment your day.  


You can also participate in our Tea Time With Teen Day Song Title Trivia.

Want to host your own Tea Party for your young Prince or Princess? 

Visit The Industrious Family to find out how easy it is.

3 Ways To Listen To Tea Time With Teen Day:


Mondays through Saturdays @ 8am/8pm (PT) on KFOY AM 1060 in the Reno, NV area.


Mondays through Saturdays @ 8am/8pm Worldwide on America Matters Media.

Sundays @ 2pm (PT) in the USA, Canada and UK on KJBM.


We invite you to enjoy Tea Time With Teen Day with your friends, family, and, of course,

your favorite Cup Of Tea and Experience Tradition Again.

Tea Time With Teen Day

Tea Time With Teen Day

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