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Welcome to Your Beautiful Music Oasis

We're celebrating those born in 1962 all year long in 2024.

Click the celebration photo  to join.

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About Us

Now, you can hear all of your favorite Instrumental Popular Standards performed by these world-renowned orchestras, right here on KJBM.  


Our music library is made up of LP, MP3 and CD broadcast-quality tracks to ensure the best quality for our listeners.  With over 3,000 tracks, it is continually growing.  Many recordings have been out-of-print for so long,

they can only be heard on KJBM. 


Archived in our Vinyl 33 1/3 Productions Digital Vault for safe-keeping, we understand our responsibility to preserve this rare collection for generations to come. 

More than just traditional radio, America Matters Media is redefining radio programming beyond the radio airwaves.  


As a full-service media company, we’re creating content in partnership with 
our expansive roster of professional

show hosts to deliver quality

programming across the globe.


America Matters Media embraces the channels that listeners use to consume their content the most; from multi-platform podcast distribution, to live HD video streaming across YouTube  and Facebook, to instant Internet radio streaming at the push of a button. By broadcasting our shows across more avenues, we increase the footprint of

our advertising partners.

Ripped Marketing Group is a boutique advertising agency that's based out of Riverside, California. Owner, Operator Rodney Allen Rippy has developed a vast network of talented support partners that enable RMG to deliver media support for a wide variety of clients. 

Often business owners neglect to advertise their business, product, and/or service due to fear of costly advertising commitments. RMG will work with its clients to design a media plan that's effective and cost-efficient.

Ripped Marketing Group is providing creative media services for KJBM and Tea Time With Teen Day.

There are tons of teenage party themes. With so many out there, it may be hard

to decide which one you will want for your birthday celebration. 


What will it be, a party in the Middle East?  A fun time on a jungle safari?  Or sitting quietly and sipping a cup of

tea with your friends?  A tea party is always a great way to celebrate a teenage girl's birthday.  


Be positively elegant with your tea and cookies, play tea-related games

and use the softest florals to decorate for your party.  You can even add old fashioned attire.  We are the official Hosts & Hostesses

for Tea Time With Teen Day's Prince & Princess Tea Party Listener Promotion.

About Us

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These are just a few of your favorite songs,

from your favorite artists, over the decades in our library.  


Other favorites from Popular Artists like Ray Charles, Bobby Darin,

Jo Stafford, Peggy Lee, The Supremes, The Four Seasons,

Glen Campbell, Simon & Garfunkel, John Denver, Anne Murray, and many more; performed by Easy Listening Orchestras like Hugo Winterhalter, Stanley Black, Andre Kostelanetz, Frank Chacksfield, Tony Mottola, Manuel & The Music Of The Mountains, Henry Mancini, The Cascading Strings,

Bert Kaempfert, Michel Legrand, and many more.

Let us know what your favorite songs are and

keep listening to "The Best Of Beautiful Music"!



“I am very happy to send this message of support for your Teen Day Broadcasting Program.  I hope that you are able to enjoy all the beautiful music I created in London in the 1980s.”

Nick Ingman, England

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